3-in-1 SHAVER

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RELIGN’s 3-in-1 SHAVER™ emphasizes enhanced tissue resection with ablation/hemostasis and bone burring. Similar in tip geometry to a standard shaver, RELIGN’s 3-in-1 SHAVER offers multiple modalities reducing intraoperative instrument changes for procedural efficiency. Integrated fluid management provides added security with optimal flow rate and superior visualization.


  • Versatility – Resect soft tissue, burr bone, ablate and coagulate with a single device without leaving the joint
  • Speed – Fastest resection RPM speeds available
  • Fluid Management – Veriflow integrated fluid management maintains consistent pressure and suction
  • Durability – Zinite™ – exceptionally strong cutting material maintains sharp cutting edge with less particulate
  • Compatibility – Fits through 5.5 mm cannulas

3-in-1 SHAVER Brochure

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RELIGN’s 3-in1 SHAVER Animation

Discover the 3-in-1 SHAVER’s features and learn how the device operates

Multiple Modalities

3-in-1 SHAVER emphasizes tissue resection with ablation/hemostasis and bone burring

Advanced Materials

All cutting, resection, and burring surfaces are composed of Zinite™, a next generation material that is stronger than steel, dramatically reduces particulates, and maintains a keen, sharp cutting edge. RELIGN’s unique use of Zinite in our devices provides consistent, best-in-class performance that minimizes degradation and particulates.


Stronger Than Steel

Zinite, a strong, proprietary, non-metal cutting material is 3 times stronger than traditional shavers/burrs and 9 times harder than bone. This video shows Zinite withstanding steel machining. The steel breaks down and fragments appear, due to the extreme strength and durability of Zinite. However, the Zinite remains untouched and intact.